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A general view of the front of the Steelcase Roam Wall Mount

Steelcase Roam™ Wall Mount for Surface Hub 2S 50.5"

+ 10.76 € *

The Steelcase Roam™ Wall Mount allows you to take full advantage of all functions the Surface Hub 2 offers, even in smaller rooms.
General view of the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand

Steelcase® Roam™ Mobile Stand for Surface Hub 2S 50.5"

+ 62.77 € *

Supporting the Surface Hub 2 is the Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand: allowing for mobile, unplugged, uninterrupted teamwork in an open workplace, conference room or your private office.
Total view of the Surface Hub 2 Pen

Surface Hub 2 Pen

+ 6.48 € *

Take notes during a meeting or get creative: Surface Hub 2 Pen’s incredible responsiveness make it feel like ink is flowing right from the pen tip.
A general view of the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

+ 6.03 € *

A combination of comfort and design. The arched shape protects your wrist and hand from strain and improves your typing form.
The Kensington SD6000 Docking Station Surface Go with Surface Go in side view

Kensington® SD6000 Surface™ Go/Go 2 Docking Station

+ 5.64 € *

Expand the possible applications for your Surface Go with the SD6000 Docking Station.
The Surface Pro in the Kensington SD7000 Surface Docking Station

Kensington® SD7000 Surface™ Pro 7+/7/6/5/4 Docking Station

+ 7.08 € *

Comfortably position the Surface Pro upright as a display, or lay it at a perfect drafting table angle (Studio Mode) for painting, drawing, or editing photos.
Kensington SureTrack Dual Wireless Mouse in black includig USB dongle from a bird`s eye view

Kensington SureTrack™ Dual Wireless Mouse

+ 1.19 € *

Compact mouse with flexible connectivity options and precise tracking.