TERRA LED 3280W silver/white CURVED DP/HDMI

The TERRA LED 3280W silver/white CURVED DP/HDMI offers outstanding visual quality and the basis for an ergonomic workplace.

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  • TERRA LCD/LED 3280W in frameless CURVED design

  • WQHD resolution and Advanced VA panel technology offers an ergonomic work as well as a fascinating viewing experience in the TV, film, video and gaming world

  • In addition to the slim CURVED design and the particularly narrow side edges, the aluminium stand and the silver-white casing are the visual highlights of the TERRA LCD/LED 3280W

  • With its VESA mount, it can be mounted on various wall, table or ceiling mounts


A lateral front view of the Terra LED 3280W with the specified display size shown on the desktop

Wide field of view and continuous backlighting

With an arc radius of 1800 mm, the 31.5" display creates a wide, comprehensive field of view that is adapted to the natural eye shape, thus relieving eye strain and enabling comfortable and fatigue-free working. Furthermore, the eye-friendly Flicker-Free technology ensures continuous backlighting without any kind of flickering.

Three Terra LED 3280W side by side with open desktop applications on display

Dynamic contrast rates and brilliant colour rendering

In combination with the Advanced VA panel technology, you will experience a special picture enjoyment of all multimedia content. Dynamic contrast rates of up to 30,000,000:1 ensure deep black or bright white images and brilliant colours.

The Terra LED 3280W from a side perspective

Smooth motion and fluent images in applications

AMD FreeSync™ technology and refresh rates up to 144Hz bring more life to your applications and games with extra smooth motion and fluent images. https://www.amd.com/en/products/freesync-monitors

A rear view of the white/silver Terra LED 3280W, showing the connection options

Triple signal connection for multimedia devices

The triple signal connection (DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort) enables easy connection of all multimedia devices such as PCs, game consoles, Blu-Ray players, etc. The sound can be transmitted digitally to the integrated speakers in HDMI or DisplayPort mode.