Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop

The Sculpt Comfort Desktop features a curved keyboard for more typing comfort and an ergonomically shaped mouse.

*plus taxes.

  • The new generation of input devices

  • Ergonomic design supports natural positioning of wrists and hands

  • Functionality and keys designed for comfort and efficiency


A general view of the Sculpt Comfort Desktop Keyboard

Achieve typing tranquillity

Designed to work perfectly with Windows 8 and Windows 10, the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard encourages a more natural, relaxed typing position during long, busy workdays. Hotkeys provide one-touch access to your most commonly used features, while the split spacebar with backspace functionality improves efficiency. The palm rest detaches for a more compact look. Includes two AAA batteries.

The Sculpt Comfort Desktop Keyboard in overall and side view with Sculpt Comfort Mouse

Adjustable functionality

The space key has been divided into two separate keys which now enables a return-function. A removable wrist rest ensures that your Sculpt Comfort Keyboard fits on any desk. Paired with the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse it makes for an effective, ergonomic combination.