Visio Online Plan 2

Based on Visio Plan 1, including numerous templates, possible integration of Power BI, AutoCAD drawings as well as extended functions

*plus taxes.

  • Get access to the following services: Visio Online, OneDrive

  • Create different types of diagrams such as block diagrams, flow charts, timescales, technical diagrams and more

  • Easily share your work as web-based links, attachments, pictures or PDF documents

  • Access your private 2GB OneDrive storage to store your work

  • Web based and always up to date

  • Including voice output, accessibility check and high contrast

  • Benefit from the entire range of professional features Visio offers for visualization and creating diagrams


As you need it

Visio is running in every web browser. You decide how to create, edit and share your files. Moreover, store all documents in your private OneDrive storage or SharePoint, share them from these platforms or send feedback via Skype for Business. Your guarantee for perfect results.

Simply create all types of diagrams

Create your diagrams within a few, simple steps wherever you are. A preinstallation of a Visio client is not necessary. Template standard diagrams such as context related tips and tricks help you to create individual and intuitive diagrams on the go.

Your professional tool

Set your creativity free with readymade visualizations and designs. Create visually appealing diagrams, graphics, matrix diagrams, hierarchies or flowcharts. Visio Online enables you to create professional results including symbols, figures and different colors to highlight information.

Share your progress and collaborate

Use synergies by creating diagrams as a team and sharing them via OneDrive. Easily share any file as weblink, attachment, picture or PDF document within your preferred web browser. Review and comment diagrams. Securely store your diagrams in your 2GB OneDrive cloud storage.

Dynamic diagrams with real-time data

Dynamically integrate data into the diagram of an IT network, a manufacturing plant or complex business processes. As the underlying data changes, your charts and data visualizations are automatically updated.

Simple visualization

Quickly create professional diagrams using ready-made templates and choose from 250,000 shapes (industry standards such as BPMN 2.0, UML 2.5, and IEEE) from the Visio theme environment. From now on you can also create simple diagrams in your web browser.