Azure Information Protection Premium P1

Classify data regarding their confidentiality and add different marks – manually or automatically.

*plus taxes.

  • Classify your data depending on conFidentiality and add marks – manually or automatically

  • Encrypt confidential data and determine usage rights

  • Activate advanced security without interrupting the workflow of your teams

  • Keep in control and monitor what happens to the data and documents you share

  • Offering additional rights for the usage of local connectors to track and lock shared documents and to classify or mark documents manually


Enable secure collaboration

Securely share data with colleagues, customers and partners. Decide who can access which data and how they may be used, e.g.: allow the viewing or editing of files but prevent any sharing or printing.

Improve the protection of confidential information

Manage and protect emails, documents and sensitive data you share with people outside of the company. Improve data security with many features such as simple classification, tagging or authorization assignment with Azure Information Protection. Permanently enjoy all features, wherever you are.

Classify data according to their confidentiality

Classify and tag documents while you create them or set these classifications based on source, context, and content. This can be done completely automatic, user-defined or as recommended.

Improved usability

Data classification and protection control is integrated in Microsoft Office and common applications. Protect the data you work with by just one click. In-product notifications such as recommended classification help users make the right decisions easily.