Surface Hub Smart Camera

Perfect integration of remote participants in meetings through a dynamic view of interactions in the room.

*plus taxes.

  • Dissolve boundaries for hybrid Teams, so everyone can talk to each other, see each other, and share ideas

  • The AI-controlled Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera ensures that the image section of the video transmission is automatically adjusted for remote participants

  • Dynamic view with a sharp foreground and background for optimal collaboration


A dynamic view of in-room interactions

Dissolve boundaries for hybrid teams so they can inclusively engage everyone’s voices, faces, and ideas.

A product presentation via Microsoft Teams in a meeting room supported by the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

The best view of the room

AI-powered Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera dynamically adjusts the video feed, re-framing the view when someone leaves, more people come in, or a person interacts with content on the display.

A meeting with diagram presentation via Microsoft Teams using the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

Elevate every video call

Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera has a wide field of view that’s greater than 130°, digital pan-tilt-zoom, high-quality glass optics, and a great low light sensor.

A presentation from multiple perspectives powered by the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

Meetings are always in focus

With sharp focus on the foreground and background, remote participants can see people interact with content on the Surface Hub, even as they can see everyone else in the room.