Surface Adaptive Kit

Keycap labels, 3-dimensional bump labels, port indicators and openers let you improve finding, opening and using your compatible devices and accessories.

*plus taxes.

  • Introducing a kit that makes it easier to use and navigate your Surface PC

  • Identify critical keys, match ports and cables, and open your Surface and other compatible devices¹

  • The included keycap labels², three-dimensional stickers, port indicators, and openers let you make small adjustments to improve finding, opening, and using your compatible devices and accessories


Bird's eye view of a Surface Laptop Go and Surface Headphones stickered with the products from the Surface Adaptive Kit

Simple to use

Easy to unbox, customize, and apply to Surface PCs and accessories.

A close-up shows a person wearing Surface Headphones on his head with a 3-dimensional bump label on them

Use on multiple Surface devices and accessories

A single Surface Adaptive Kit is easy to use with multiple compatible devices, and the sustainably designed packaging is fully recyclable.

A person attaches port indicators to a Surface Pro

Nothing about us without us

Created in partnership with people with disabilities to help support a variety of needs.

Bird's eye view of the contents and packaging of the Surface Adaptive Kit

Sustainable packaging

Inclusively and sustainably designed, the packaging can be reused to store extra pieces and is also fully recyclable.

A close-up shows keycap labels and keycap applicator of the Adaptive Surface Kit

Keycap labels² and keycap applicator

Translucent labels with tactile indicators highlight keys for confident touch interactions, while the applicator assists with consistent key placement. Includes 1 keycap applicator and 1 set of keycap labels².

A close-up shows 3-dimensional bump labels of the Adaptive Surface Kit

3-dimensional bump labels

The visually and tactilely distinct labels help support quickly locating keys, ports, and more on devices and peripherals. Includes 1 set of 3-dimensional bump labels.

A close-up shows port indicators of the Adaptive Surface Kit

Port indicators

Visually distinct indicators with matching cable wrap and raised textures help to confidently locate and manipulate ports, so the right inputs can be more easily inserted into the correct locations. Includes 1 set of port indicators.

A close-up shows openers of the Adaptive Surface Kit

Opener support

The openers provide additional leverage and flexibility to more easily open the lid or kickstand of a Surface device. Includes 1 ring opener and 1 pull tab opener.