Surface Headphones 2+ for Business

The Surface Headphones 2+ for Business offer outstanding audio quality and are certified for Microsoft Teams.

*plus taxes.

  • All-day comfort: Soft earcups are breathable and lightweight, and rotate a full 180 degrees for the most comfortable fit

  • Natural, intuitive controls: Adjust volume and noise cancellation with on-ear dials, and easily answer and end calls with touch controls

  • Power through a full day: Battery life that lasts for up to 15 hours of voice calling time even with noise cancellation turned on¹

  • Stay connected with replacement parts: Replace the Surface USB Link in case of loss, and Surface Headphones Ear Pads in case of damage or when it’s time to re-deploy to a new user


The Surface Headphones 2 Plus are placed next to a Surface Pro with a Microsoft Teams meeting running on it

Reliable headphones certified for Microsoft Teams

Ensure your teams have seamless, high-quality Microsoft Teams2 calls with a super reliable connection. When you connect Surface Headphones 2+ with your PC using the USB Link, they are headphones certified for Microsoft Teams.3

A detailed view of the Surface Headphones 2 Plus touch controls

Summon Microsoft Teams with one click

Bring Microsoft Teams front and center when multitasking in multiple apps with a click of the Microsoft Teams button.

A woman wears the Surface Headphones 2 Plus on her head and touches an on-ear dial

Exceptional call quality and all-day focus

Your teams depend on call quality now more than ever. Whether in a hybrid office environment or working remotely, these headphones for teams keep them connected and focused with outstanding audio quality, crystal clear mics and 13 levels of active noise cancellation.

A man wears the Surface Headphones 2 Plus on his head and taps on an on-ear dial

Take meetings on the go

Take your Microsoft Teams meetings and calls on iOS or Android phones via Bluetooth.4

A woman sitting at a desk wearing the Surface Headphones 2 Plus on her head

Give voice to your productivity

Use your voice to get more done. Voice controls built into Microsoft 365 apps2,5 deliver more seamless productivity. Voice controls vary by operating system. More skills are being added all the time to streamline your interactions with Microsoft 365.