Azure Active Directory Basic

Secure your access to the cloud with all necessary features.

*plus taxes.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for all web applications running in the cloud or locally
  • Compatible with any iOS, Mac OS X, Android or Windows device
  • Secure local web applications guarantee a safe remote access
  • Protect conFidential data and applications
  • Reduce all costs and increase security with the Self-Service function
  • No object limit
  • 10 applications per user
  • 3 Basic reports


Protect your business with identity and access management in the cloud

Get access to thousands of cloud apps and locally executed web applications with Azure Active Directory Premium single sign-on. Azure Active Directory management tools are designed to be easy-to-use, promote collaboration and provide holistic identity protection and adaptive access control.


Collaborate with other companies

Provide your partners, vendors and contractors with a risk-free access to your internal resources with Azure AD B2B Collaboration.


Integration of local directories

Provide cloud connected, smooth authentication with Azure AD Connect. Integrate Active Directory with single or multiple patterns and other local directories in Azure AD to use just one single identity for accessing apps in the cloud or locally.


Get started with a great choice of preinstalled applications

Enable fast single sign-on on thousands of pre-integrated commercial and custom apps such as Office 365, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, ServiceNow and Workday. Use the new and improved Cloud App Discovery features supported by the Microsoft Cloud App Security to discover up to 15,000 non-sanctioned, cross-platform applications.


Monitor identity bridging

Use Azure AD Connect Health for monitoring and gaining insights into your hybrid identity infrastructure. Receive monitoring capabilities for the Azure AD Connect Sync Engine, the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) infrastructure and the local Active Directory Domain Services health.


Control administrative access to protect information and control resources

Identify, limit and monitor user identities that require individual access with a user-oriented Identity Management. Enable immediate administration for authorized users who need occasional access.