Surface Duo

Do one better

*plus taxes.

  • Fits into your pocket – Surface Duo is only 4.8 mm thick when opened and less than 1 cm when closed, and weighs only 250 g.¹

  • Revolutionary 360° hinge. The dynamic design allows for a wide variety of angles and positions in one device.

  • Dual PixelSense™ Fusion Displays. Two beautiful, high-resolution 5.6-inch touchscreens that fold out to 8.1 inches.

  • Spectacular sound for meetings, phone calls and music. Effortless connection to Surface Earbuds* via Fast Pair and automatic audio playback through connected Surface Duo Earbuds.

  • A color-matching, protective bumper is included.


There’s a new way to get things done

Open two screens and discover new possibilities. The Surface innovation as a mobile device – with the benefits of Microsoft 365 and every Android™ app in the Google Play Store, phone calls and more.*

More space to focus

Open a different app on each screen to quickly access and compare different content. Constantly switching back and forth between apps on mobile devices belongs to the past. Advanced apps designed specifically for two screens. Advanced dual-screen apps* adapt to you and automatically align to ensure the best use of both screens.

A person edits photos in an app on the Surface Duo

Drag & Drop

Move images, text, files, and more from one app to another so you can work faster.2 Combine your favorite apps into pairs with App Groups. Only Surface Duo lets you link any two apps* together and launch them simultaneously. There are no limits to your combinations.

A woman holds the Surface Duo in her left hand in compose mode and taps the Surface Earbud in her ear with her right hand

One device, infinite positions

Switch effortlessly from one task to the next with the revolutionary 360 hinge. Hold Surface Duo like a book to view apps side-by-side, zoom in on apps optimized for two screens on both displays, or read a book.3 Type on the keyboard and take notes with Surface Slim Pen* on one screen while following a video conference or streaming content on the other.

Two hands holding the Surface Duo in book mode while the Outlook app is open across both screens

Larger screens to get more done

Explore web pages, apps, photos and more in a more immersive way on two screens. Position apps the way you want. Fully open Surface Duo using the 360° hinge and take a photo in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Display an app on just one of the two screens. Take video calls in Microsoft Teams* hands-free in Tent mode.

A person uses the Surface Slim Pen to write a note in an app on the Surface Duo

From the chip to the cloud – enterprise-grade security from Microsoft.

Surface Duo has built-in security features at all levels with coordinated hardware, firmware and software to protect your devices, identities and data. Keep everything under control with cloud-based management. Manage your employees' entire Surface Duo experience and protect corporate data with a variety of device management solutions, including Microsoft Intune.3

A man holds the Surface Duo in book mode and looks at the two screens of the foldable

Optimize existing Android apps from your company for two screens.

Take advantage of the two screens of the Surface Duo for your most important customer-focused and business apps with the Surface Duo Software Development Kit (SDK) Preview and Android Studio. Experience all the features of Windows 10 in the cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop.3 Meet complex business and security needs with broad support for device redirection, EndPoint security, and virtualized Microsoft 365 in Azure.