Bundle of the month

Discover new ways of the mobile #modernworkplace and access your files conveniently from anywhere! With our bundle of the month September we offer you the Surface Duo 2, including Surface Earbuds, Surface Duo 2 Pen Cover and a Surface Slim Pen 2. This way you can access your Microsoft Apps anywhere and stay flexible. Discover the limitless possibilities on two screens!


Do more with two screens

Communicate, collaborate, and do everything better in 5G.¹ With two screens you can work in Microsoft 365 apps² side by side, compare and contrast content, and naturally write on screen.

Two different applications are open on the displays of the Surface Duo 2, which a person is holding in his hand

Room for more

Open and view different apps on each screen to reference and compare content. Grab an image from a OneDrive folder and add it to a PowerPoint slide, side by side.² Say goodbye to app switching on one screen.

A person is holding a Surface Duo 2 with a Microsoft Teams meeting running on both screens

Get it done fast with 5G

Get done what matters in the moment with cloud-first Microsoft 365 apps and 5G connectivity.¹ Pull data from Power BI, meet in Microsoft Teams, and consult on a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist² video call.

A person sitting in the back seat of a car holding the Surface Duo 2 in the color Glacier in their right hand

Instant, anywhere productivity powered by 5G

Collaborate with colleagues, securely access important data, and get essential tasks done wherever you are with Microsoft 365 productivity apps, OneDrive cloud storage and file sharing, and intelligent cloud services.²

One person holds the Surface Duo 2 in Compose Mode and takes notes during an MS Teams meeting

An outstanding Microsoft Teams experience

See your colleagues on video and view the presentation simultaneously. Run a Microsoft Teams meeting from a device that fits in the palm of your hand, with access to full desktop functionality.

A person draws with the Surface Slim Pen 2 in an app on the Surface Duo 2

Keep the ink and ideas flowing

Jot down ideas, sign your name, and markup files in Microsoft 365 apps. Pair Surface Duo 2 with Surface Slim Pen 2² for next-level note-taking on the go.

A person typing a message on the Surface Duo 2 in Compose Mode

Deploy, manage, and stay secure

Microsoft security is built in, and modern management keeps you in control. Rest easy knowing that you’re working with an Android Enterprise Recommended device.

A side view shows the notification display of the Surface Duo 2

Stay in the know

Get notified of incoming calls and important messages. Easily adjust the volume. And, plug in to check battery life while charging. See it all instantly on the spine as it lights up with color indicators, icons, and more.

A person makes a phone call using the Surface Duo 2

Designed to inspire your innovation

Two incredibly thin, high-resolution displays—brighter and larger than before—open to one expansive view with a revolutionary hinge, enabling countless ways to be productive.