Exchange Online Kiosk

Web-based cloud email service including 2GB mailbox storage with up to 150 MB attachments to your mails, contacts and calendar

*plus taxes.

  • The cloud email service as a limited and cost-effective plan

  • 2 GB letterbox storage and email up to 150 MB

  • Only Outlook online is included, including contacts, calendar, and anti-spam and -malware

  • Without archiving options and shared letterbox functions


A woman standing in a store, holding a Surface Go

The right licence for employees without a fixed workplace

Designed for users who need access to e-mail via Exchange, as well as information in SharePoint, Exchange Online Kiosk provides the necessary functionality. You can thus offer your employees all the application options they need for their everyday work without the full functionality of a desktop.

Two people stand in a waiting room with suitcases, one person holds a surface laptop

All functions for a productive working day

Provide your employees with a complete e-mail letterbox which they can access via the browser. In addition to the online letterbox, the calendar function, an address book, 2 GB storage space, as well as high-quality anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering are included.