Surface Mouse

Sleek aesthetics combined with exceptional performance. The Surface Mouse is quiet, precise and elegant.

*plus taxes.

  • Meticulously crafted, just like Surface

  • Sleek, simple design

  • Metal scroll wheel

  • Bluetooth 4.0


Complements your Surface

Sculpted for your hand and designed for an elegantly simple work space, Surface Mouse is the perfect partner to your docked Surface and Keyboard. It was designed to match the sleek aesthetic and exceptional performance of your Surface. The metal scroll wheel feels solid under your finger, and the shape of the body fits perfectly in your hand.

The bottom side of the Surface Mouse

Exceptional accuracy

Surface Mouse is designed to have premium precision pointing and clicking for scalable performance across the screen of your Surface and external monitors.

The rear side of the grey Surface Mouse

Carefully crafted experience

With precision-tuned sound for clicks and scrolling, Surface Mouse is quiet enough to not be heard while quickly responding to your touch.