Azure Active Directory Premium 1

Manual or automatic classification of data and documents depending on confidentiality, including usage rights

*plus taxes.

  • No object limit

  • Including user and group management with user-based application and device registration

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) without limit for applications

  • Automatic registration of MDM, BitLocker restauration (Self-Service), additional local administers for all Windows 10 devices via integration in Azure AD, Enterprise State Roaming


Protect your business with identity and access management in the cloud

Get access to thousands of cloud apps and locally executed web applications with Azure Active Directory Premium single sign-on. The Azure Active Directory management tools are designed to be easy to use, promote collaboration and provide holistic identity protection and adaptive access control.

Single sign-on for all web apps

Azure Active Directory provides secure single sign-on for cloud applications and local applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and most software-as-a-service applications, e.g. Salesforce, Workday, DocuSign, ServiceNow and Box.

For iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows devices

Users start all applications in a personalized web-based access area, a mobile app, Office 365 or custom enterprise portals using their existing business log in information. Benefit from a unitary user interface, regardless of your current device.

Protect local web applications via secure remote access

Access your local web applications wherever you are and protect your login with a multilevel authentication, access policies and group-based access management. All users can access SaaS applications and local web apps through the same portal.

SLA for enterprises

Azure Active Directory Premium offers the scale and reliability that is necessary for large enterprises. This directory solution for Office 365 is currently being used by millions of different users for billions of authentications every day. This service is hosted in globally distributed data centers in 17 regions. Worldwide technical support guarantees an availability of 99.9% via SLA.

Extend Active Directory to the cloud

Use a few clicks to connect Active Directory and other local directories to Azure Active Directory. Provide a consistent set of users, groups, passwords and devices for both environments.

Protection of confidential data and applications

Improve application access security with unique identity protection features that provide a consolidated view of suspicious login activity and potential security risks. Benefit from advanced security reports, notifications, recommended countermeasures and risk-based policies to help protecting your business from all current and future threats.

Reduce costs and increase security

Delegate important tasks such as resetting passwords and creating or managing groups to your employees. Deploying self-service application access and password management will reduce help desk calls and increase the security level.