Surface Hub 2 Camera

Bring all the team members to meet in one room. The Surface Hub 2 Camera is a 4K camera that captures the room and the conference topics in a complete field of view.

*plus taxes.

  • The 4k camera for the Surface Hub 2

  • Capturing the entire field of view

  • Captures up to 30 frames per second

  • Connection via USB-C™ (with magnetic mounting)


Bring every remote team into the same room

Remote meeting participants will feel like they are in the same room. Not only does the Surface Hub 2 camera capture extraordinary 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, it captures the room and every team in a complete field of view.

A person is using the Surface Hub 2S with the Surface Hub 2 Camera for a video call

Break through all rules of common online meetings

The Surface Hub 2 Camera is the ideal extension for your Surface Hub 2 to get more out of its functions and performance. The 4K camera transmits almost lifelike images and brings you into the conference rooms of your partners in the online meeting.