Slim Pen

Write, sketch, charge, and repeat with rechargeable Surface Slim Pen.

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  • Write, sketch, charge and repeat with rechargeable Surface Slim Pen
  • With a tilt for shading, exceptional pressure sensitivity, and virtually no lag
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Surface devices


Write out of the ordinary

Redesigned and now rechargeable, Surface Slim Pen is better than ever, featuring a new thin, easy-to-hold profile and a natural on-screen writing experience.


Create intuitively

Writing and drawing with the redesigned Surface Slim Pen feels natural, with a thin, light, easy-to-hold profile. Tilt the precision inking tip to shade your sketches, just like you would with a graphite pencil.

Surface-Pro- 2017-Typecover-Cobalt

Now rechargeable

New Surface Slim Pen is rechargeable and comes with its own easy-to-carry charging base that connects via USB-C™, so you’ll always be ready the moment inspiration strikes.


Begin with a click

Start creating with a click. Connect to your Surface right out of the box with Swift Pair.4 One click brings you to Whiteboard, a virtually infinite canvas for writing, brainstorming, lists, and sketchnoting.

Surface-Pro- 2017-Typecover-Cobalt

Write and draw in real time

Sketch out that new business model, jot down an idea, write to-dos and notes, and brainstorm with friends and colleagues. Surface Slim Pen delivers real-time writing with exceptional pressure sensitivity.

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