Microsoft Classroom Pen (20 pcs.)

The design of the Classroom Pen is based on children's hands to create a perfectly natural drawing and writing experience.

*plus taxes.
  • Perfect fit for students
  • Create a better learning experience
  • Optimized for use with Surface Go
  • Available only in packs of 20


Designed for better learning outcomes

Students can write and draw naturally with Microsoft Classroom Pen for notetaking, classroom activities, and homework assignments. Optimized for use with Surface Go.


Easy, natural inking for students

Write and draw naturally. A portable size and a perfect fit for students at just 4.33” (110mm), Microsoft Classroom Pen makes it easy to sketch, color, and take notes in the classroom and at home.


Affordable and easy to deploy

Microsoft Classroom Pen deploys easily and is optimized for use with Surface Go. Available only in packs of 20 and only to educational institutions, Microsoft Classroom Pen is an affordable, efficient choice for scaled purchasing and easy replacement.


Built to last for students on the go

Microsoft Classroom Pen is designed for students who put their learning tools through heavy wear and tear. The pen tip is durable. Never lose a pen with a built-in slot at the end that makes for easy tethering.

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