Signature Type Cover with Fingerprint Sensor

The latest version of the signature type cover includes a fingerprint ID sensor for a higher security level.

*plus taxes.
  • The Keyboard you are used to, no including fingerprint ID
  • Available in elegant black
  • Magnetically connected to your Surface Pro
  • Weight: 310g


Leave passwords in the past

Unlock your Surface Pro with just a touch. This Type Cover with fingerprint ID security makes remembering passwords a thing of the past—all you need is your fingertip thanks to the convenience of Windows Hello. And should you need to use passwords again, you can easily store them in one place with Microsoft Passport.

Infinitely adjustable

This Type Cover adjusts to virtually any angle and clicks easily into place, transforming your Surface Pro from tablet to laptop. Fold back like a magazine for a take-anywhere tablet. Close to shield your display from damage and conserve battery life.

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