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Microsoft Classroom Pen (20 pcs.)

+ $37.97 *

The design of the Classroom Pen is based on children's hands to create a perfectly natural drawing and writing experience.

Slim Pen

+ $6.18 *

Write, sketch, charge, and repeat with rechargeable Surface Slim Pen.

Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard +Slim Pen Bundle

+ $11.40 *

Surface Slim Pen stores securely and recharges in the premium Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard.

Surface Pro X Keyboard

+ $5.80 *

Surface Pro X Keyboard with a generously sized trackpad for precise control and navigation.

Surface Mobile Mouse

+ $1.40 *

Light and portable, the new Surface Mobile Mouse delivers seamless scrolling and cord-free Bluetooth connectivity. Available in 3 rich colors.

Surface Pen

+ $4.28 *

Create without limits. New Surface Pen is better and faster than ever, with precision ink on one end and a rubber eraser on the other.

Surface Hub 2S Pen

+ $6.48 *

The precise inking experience you love from Surface, scaled to the large screen. Surface Hub 2 Pen is so responsive, it feels like ink is flowing from the pen tip.

Surface Arc Mouse

+ $3.50 *

A special edition, perfectly matching to your Surface device. Smoothly working in distances up to 15 feet.

Surface Mouse

+ $2.14 *

Sleek aesthetics combined with exceptional performance. The Surface Mouse is quiet, precise and elegant.

Surface Pen Tip Kit

+ $0.78 *

Choose the perfect tip for your Surface Pen depending on your tasks. Create a feeling of a normal or fine pencil. Not compatible with a Pen of Surface Pro 3 or older.

Designer Bluetooth Mouse

+ $1.07 *

The slim, contoured Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse is comfortable, accurate, and wirelessly pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled PC or tablet.

Surface Precision Mouse

+ $4.28 *

The Surface Precision Mouse is designed for exceptional precision, comfort and control. Experience a smooth working environment with programmable thumb keys.
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