Surface Neo


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  • The first dual-screen with the potential of a tablet and laptop
  • Opening new ways for the #ModernWorkplace
  • A revolutionary 360° hinge combines two 9 inch displays
  • Windows 10X
  • Launches in 2020, an official date has not yet been announced


The future starts here

A groundbreaking new dual-screen device that redefines how you get things done. With two 9 inch screens, a revolutionary 360° hinge, touch, pen, keyboard, and incredible new Windows experiences, Surface Neo enables you to do more, anywhere.


Flexibility on a new level

The Windows 10X software has been specialized for dual screen devices. Work flexibly on two 9 inch screens or connect them to one 13,1 inch screen. Choose between a vertical and horizontal orientation and work the way you want.

Surface-Pro- 2017-Typecover-Cobalt

Flip it, twist it, turn it

The two screens are connected by a 360° hinge that enables you to use and fold the Surface Neo as needed. Extend all features by using an additional keyboard with the device or connect it magnetically on one screen. The screen image will move and zoom out automatically.


Keep your flow

By connecting the magnetic keyboard on the screen, a previously used second application may still run in smaller size above the keyboard. Or, open a toolbar to easily access emojis and special characters. If you move the keyboard to the top of the screen, the toolbar or second application will immediately move to the bottom.

Surface-Pro- 2017-Typecover-Cobalt

Pushing modern technology

The Surface Neo opens a new era for tablet and laptop usage. Combined screens offer a huge 13.1 inch tablet device. Dividing screens enable you to check two documents parallelly or to quickly convert the dual-screen device into a small laptop with a proper keyboard. Experience a new level of flexibility.

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