Surface Go

Portable power

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  • The perfect travel partner with a 10-inch PixelSense display
  • Up to 256 GB storage
  • Compatible with Surface Dial and Pen
  • Choose between leasing, financing or renting options
  • Accessory is sold separately


Surface Go – Wherever you are

Set up your workplace wherever you are and experience unknown flexibility. Work with the latest Microsoft Surface device running on Windows 10 wherever you are. The Surface Go includes LTE – not even a Wi-Fi connection is necessary to ensure your productivity.


Choose the way you work

Transform your Surface Go into a laptop with the separately available Surface Go Signature Type Cover and the new Surface Mobile Mouse. Create your perfect working environment. You will only notice that you are working with a convertible when you need it to be one.


Keep your office desktop

Connect your Surface Go to various desktops using the Surface Dock. Moreover, charge a second device or connect a keyboard or mouse at the same time. Create the feeling of a stationary computer.


The digital workplace has never been more lightweight

A weight of not more than 522 grams makes the Surface Go the most portable device of all times. Be flexible in the way you work, the way you pay – choose between renting, leasing or financing options – and the period of how long you work on the same device – choose between 12 up to 48 months.


All applications you need on Windows 10

We know that every work routine suits a different Surface device and that our customers need the ideal device for their tasks. They want to be productive either in their offices or en route. The common Office applications run on all offered Surface devices.


The right accessories for your tasks

Choose your Signature Type Cover or the Surface Mobile Mouse out of three different colors and make your Surface Go either classically stylish or crazily colorful. As flexible as our accessories or our licenses are the payment methods. We offer your personalized Workplace-as-a-Service per monthly rate. Find more information and advantages here.