Surface Hub 2

The future of real-time teamwork

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The Surface Hub 2S is here

Surface Hub 2S is sleek and slim and runs the Surface Hub experience you know and love. Stay in the team workflow and empower your people to collaborate anywhere with a lightweight, easy-to-move device.

Surface Hub 2S Team Work

Lighter, sleeker, and easier to use

The Surface Hub 2 combines the possibilities to collect and structure ideas and visions digitally, to work and collaborate intuitively and to receive the best possible results at the same time, on a large and interactive screen. A seamless integration of interactive hardware and software, as well as different modes of interaction support your team improving their natural flow.

Surface Hub 2S in Conference Room

The top range screen for collaboration

The Surface Hub 2S will be released in a horizontal format in 50,5 inches and a 4k screen resolution. The developers of the new Surface Hub 2 managed to transfer and improve the technology of a ususal 12 layer touchdisplay to a 7 layer-system. Experience a more natural feeling on an even better screen. Adjust your Surface Hub perfectly to your premises with Windows Hello and a magnetic 4k-webcam which can be connected via USB-C port and positioned in four different ways.

Modern teamwork with Surface Hub 2 in the company

Imagine the Surface Hub 2S in your office

As the time is passing, we are getting closer to the official release of the Surface Hub 2S. About one year after the official release you will be able to upgrade your device, with both Software and an add-on module, to the Surface Hub 2X. Some of the updated features include the screen rotation from horizontal to vertical and the extension from one to four screens.

The Surface Hub 2X with rollable stand combined with 5 devices on Steelcase wall mounts

Move beyond meetings, to true teaming

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. They can be local or spread across the globe. People are your biggest investment – and your most valuable asset. To transform from collaboration to true teamwork, you need to invest in tools that bring out their best in the conference room, in a team space, in any space.

Presentation & team work with multiple Surface Hub 2 devices in the enterprise

Purpose-built for teams

More than a smart board or an interactive whiteboard, Surface Hub 2 devices are optimized for teams that want to connect, co-create, and produce with others regardless of their location. Surface Hub 2 devices bring together the best of Microsoft collaboration tools – from Windows and Office to Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams.

Digital collaboration of interdisciplinary teams with the Surface Hub 2X

Work seamlessly together

Move from the first idea to the finished product without missing a beat. On Surface Hub 2X, you will be able to streamline your group workflow through enhanced collaboration features like multi-user sign-in to simultaneously access and save content to the cloud.


Perfect fit for any space

Huddle where you need to with modern design and an intuitive software experience. We’ve teamed up with workplace expert Steelcase to make rolling stands and easy-to-hang wall mounts so it can go wherever your ideas take you. Surface Hub 2X will scale and adapt to your space with tiling and rotation abilities.


How is the screen of the Surface Hub 2S oriented?

The Surface Hub 2S has been developed with the aim to create the well-known Surface Hub experience but in a lighter, sleeker and more dynamic version. Therefore, it will be oriented horizontally. Rotating the screen will be possible with an add-on module coming with the Surface Hub 2X.

Is it possible to project my laptop screen to the Surface Hub 2S?

Projecting your screen onto the Surface Hub 2S has been possible with the previous Surface Hub and will be possible with the Surface Hub 2S as well. Necessary for this function is the so-called Miracast connection which is already part of the software.

Is it possible to extend the Surface Hub 2S to four screens?

As the Surface Hub 2S comes with the same software as the previous Surface Hub this will not yet be possible. After the release of the Surface Hub 2X a software update will upgrade your Surface Hub 2S to the Surface Hub 2X and will enable you to use this function.

Does the Surface Hub 2 Pen also work on other Surface devices?

Yes, the Surface Hub 2 Pen works on all other Surface devices except the Surface Hub 1, but the Surface Pen and Classroom Pen do not yet work on the Surface Hub 2S.

Is it possible to sign in to the Surface Hub 2S via fingerprint?

This function is as well part of the software update which will upgrade your Surface Hub 2S to the Surface Hub 2X. Therefore, signing in via fingerprint will not yet be possible.

Is it possible to log in multiple users at the same time?

Only after upgrading your Surface Hub 2S to the Surface Hub 2X you will be able to use this function as a software update is necessary. This function is not available on the software of the Surface Hub 2S. However, you may still create different user profiles but only log in one at the time.

What is the Surface Hub 2X?

Your Surface Hub 2S can be upgraded to the Surface Hub 2X with a software update and an add-on module. As the whole hardware has been improved with the Surface Hub 2S both devices will have the same hardware. They aren’t two different devices. The software will be extended. The software update of the Surface Hub 2X enhances the function of your Surface Hub. An add-on module will allow the screen rotation for the first time. Moreover, the extension of one to four screens will be possible. With the software update signing in via fingerprint or multiple user log in will be supported as well.

What is the difference between the Surface Hub 2S and the Surface Hub 2X?

The new Surface Hub 2S has been developed and built as a response to its well-known predecessor. Both, performance and mobility have been improved immensely. While the Surface Hub 2S offers an entire upgrade and improvement of the hardware, an upgrade to the Surface Hub 2X will enhance all functions with a software update.

When will the Surface Hub 2X be released?

No official date has been announced for the release of the Surface Hub 2X. However, a release in 2020 is expected.