Voyager 4220 UC, USB-C

Crystal-clear audio: The Voyager 4220 UC USB-C headset enhances speech-based collaboration with vibrant audio quality.

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  • Enhance voice-based collaboration with vibrant audio

  • Red indicator light on the outside of the speaker lets colleagues know you are on a call

  • Senses and alerts you when you talk while muted


Create a new experience

Voyager 4200 UC Series meets the needs of office professionals as well as IT. With the choice of stereo or mono, crystal-clear audio, wireless freedom, and the ability to switch seamlessly between mobile phone and PC, Voyager 4200 UC Series helps you be more productive and enriches your voice communications experience

Das Voyager 4220 UC inklusive Aufbewahrungstasche

Choice of wearing style

In open office environments, you may want a stereo headset to listen to media or you may prefer a mono headset to hear your surroundings. Voyager 4200 UC Series delivers vibrant audio for any workstyle and preference.

Das Voyager 4220 UC Headset ist neben einem Laptop und einem Smartphone platziert

Crystal-clear audio

Experience crystal-clear audio, whether you are listening to multimedia or collaborating with colleagues, with Voyager 4200 UC Series. Enjoy wireless freedom while you roam the office. Vibrant sound is with you every step within the headset’s 98 ft/30 m range.

Das Voyager 4220 UC USB-C Headset inklusive USB-C-Adapter

Easily connect and manage calls

Poly Voyager 4200 UC Series makes it easy to switch between PC/Mac and mobile devices, so it’s easy to stay connected. A dedicated button gives you quick access to mute, while voice prompts alert you if you are on mute when you start talking. Enhanced voice alerts tell you connection status, remaining talk time, mute status and more. Your colleagues will know when you are talking to someone because of the red call indicator light. And, you’ll still hear incoming calls if you step away from your desk.