Bundle of the month

September brings a new season and new opportunities to support employees — whether they're working remotely or on-site. Our #meetingbundle features the Surface Hub 2S 50.5" to unify communications for everyone on your team. We provide everything you need for effective & flexible collaboration! The versatile Surface Hub 2S 50.5" paired with Microsoft Presenter and Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera enable effortless video conferencing and dynamic presentations that fuel interactive teamwork. Facilitate seamless movement within your workspace using the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand, ensuring its accessibility exactly where needed. Equip your business with the right hardware for increased collaborative agility!


Unlimited teamwork

With the Surface Hub 2S 85-inch and the Surface Hub 2S 50.5-inch models, you can enable teamwork from any location. The Surface Hub 2S product family is a Microsoft Teams-certified platform for meetings and modern collaboration that brings people together.

Efficient cooperation

For modern, hybrid teams, collaboration is more important than ever. Whether they work in the office together or from different locations, Surface Hub 2S devices allow teams to come together from anywhere to collaborate easily on Microsoft Whiteboard App and Microsoft 365 files. With Miracast, you can project content wirelessly and run your essential business applications natively. 1

A man presents something to a woman on the Surface Hub 2

The Surface Hub 2S as 50.5-inch model in your rooms

Powered by an i5 Quad-Core Intel® Core™ processor of the 8th generation, the Surface Hub 2S as a 50.5-inch model on a PixelSense™ display with 4K resolution, offers everything you need for productive teamwork in everyday business life. With optional accessories such as the Steelcase Roam Wall Mount or the Steelcase Roam Rolling Stand, you can customise the Surface Hub 2S to your needs and even use it mobile for different rooms.

Two Surface Hub 2S as 85-inch models, one stands on a rolling stand, the other is hanging on the wall

For larger rooms and ambitious goals – the Surface Hub 2S 85-inch

Brainstorming as well as video conferencing will become more pleasant and productive on an interactive touch screen with 85" in a class of its own. The IPS-LCD screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, anti-glare processing and 20 simultaneous touch points provides the ideal basis for larger boardrooms or conference rooms.

A woman is standing in front of the Surface Hub 2S and is having a video conference with four people

Move beyond meetings, to true teaming

There are teams of different types and sizes. They can be located together in one office or spread all over the world. To transform from collaboration to true teamwork, you need to invest in tools that bring out their best in the conference room, in a team space, in any space.

Bring your teams together digitally

More than just a smart board or an interactive whiteboard: Surface Hub 2S is optimised for teams that want to stay connected, share content and work productively with others, no matter where the team members are located. Surface Hub 2S combines the best of Microsoft's collaboration tools – from Windows and Office to the Microsoft Whiteboard app and Microsoft Teams.

The Surface Hub 2 is standing in the corner of an office space

The top range screen for collaboration

With the technology of a 7-layer system you experience an even more direct feeling on an even better screen. Adjust your Surface Hub perfectly to your premises with Windows Hello and a magnetic 4K-webcam which can be connected via USB-C port and positioned in four different ways.

Four vertically aligned Surface Hub 2 are combined to form one large screen

How does the Surface Hub 2S differ as a 50.5-inch and 85-inch model?

The main difference between the two models is only the size of the device. Apart from size, both the 50.5-inch and 85-inch models offer the same consistent Surface Hub 2S experience. Both models feature the same premium design with 4K display, multi-touch screen and many other features.

How is the screen of the Surface Hub 2S oriented?

The Surface Hub 2S has been developed with the aim to create the well-known Surface Hub experience but in a lighter, sleeker, and more dynamic version. Therefore, the Surface Hub 2S will be oriented horizontally. Rotating the screen is not possible at the moment.

Is it possible to project my laptop screen to the Surface Hub 2S?

Projecting your screen onto the Surface Hub 2S has been possible with the previous Surface Hub and is possible with the Surface Hub 2S as well. Necessary for this is the so-called Miracast connection which is already part of the software.

Does the Surface Hub 2 Pen also work on other Surface devices?

Yes, the Surface Hub 2 Pen works on all other Surface devices except the Surface Hub 1, but the Surface Pen and Classroom Pen do not yet work on the Surface Hub 2S.

Is a sign-in via fingerprint possible?

The possibility to log on to the Surface Hub 2S via the additionally available Fingerprint Reader is available as of the Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise software update. The additional Fingerprint Reader is available for the Surface Hub 2S 50.5-inch model since 2021.

Can the Surface Hub 2S already be expanded to four screens?

No. Right now, it is not yet possible to expand the Surface Hub 2S as a 50.5-inch model to up to four additional screens. Microsoft is communicating a possible software update that will enable the extension and screen rotation.

Is the APC™ Charge Mobile Battery compatible with the Surface Hub 2S as an 85" version?

No, the APC™ Charge Mobile Battery is not compatible with Surface Hub 2S 85-inch model, only with the Surface Hub 2S 50.5-inch model.